Kush kerkon te largoje bustin e deshmorit te Gjuhes greke Aristotel Guma?

H προτομή του εθνομάρτυρα Αριστοτέλη Γκούμα

Procedeengs of The III Panhimarjot Conference -


Llambro Ruci shvlefteson "argumentat" e Kristo Frasherit, Luan Malltezit, Shaban Sinanit etj

Le të thonë sa të duan Kristo Frasheri, Luan Malltezi, Shaban Sinani etj.se gjuha e parë në Himarë është shqipja dhe më pas greqishtja. E kjo është thënë qartësisht, por vendosmërisht, pa ekuivoke dhe duke e faktuar

Regjistrimi i popullsise-Presidenti Topi: presione nga qarqe ultranacionaliste

“Ndjeshmëria e madhe është sepse nga individë të qarqeve ultranacionaliste tentohet të bëhet një politikë presioni dhe deformacioni të një procesi që duhet të jetë nacional dhe ligjor” Presidenti la të kuptohej se ai ishte ishte edhe për deklarimin e lirë të etnisë dhe fesë

Ivanov: "ende në rajonin tonë qarqet ultranacionaliste veprojnë në dëm të vendeve të tjera".

In contrast with 52-personality peticion, in the report of Europian Commission it is said that:

There is a lack of accurate data on minorities in Albania. This situation is expected to be addressed by the conduct of a population census in 2011, respecting international standards including the principle of free self-identification. This census will include optional questions on the ethnic origin, religious affiliation and mother tongue of respondents.

Pse nuk i jepet shtetesia shqiptare fortlumturise se tij Anastasios?

Lufta midis civilizimeve ne Shqiperi e gjen shprehjen ne luften frontale te qarqeve ateiste dhe antikrishtere qe perfaqesohen deri ne kupolen e shtetit per 20 vjet rresht dhe kontrollojne totalisht mediat.
S ipas raportimeve te ShIK-ut dhe shtypit, fondametaliste musilmane kane marre shtetesi shqiptare, kurse kryepeshkopi dekorohet nga Presidenti por ende nuk i ploteson kushtet per shtetesi megjthe qendrimin permanent prej 19 vjetesh ne Shqiperi !!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pre-election meeting of Bollano, the Mayor of Himaras

Pre-election meeting of Mayor of Himaras

Sunday of 17 December at 10:30 in a central hotel of Athens was realised a pre-election meting of Mayor Hjmaras Vasilis Bolano. The import in the concentration made the chairman of Union of Himaiots, Mr Anggelos Kokavesis, with report in the e'ndoxoys ancestors that should they find imitators in the current generation. Mr Kokave'sis spoke for subjects as the property and teacher that are found in good street.

Mr Bollanos spoke initially about the subject of health, for hospital of Hjmara and for the efforts that become for upgrade his with the creator of S.A.E and his honour chairman K.Andrea Athnens and blessedness Archbishop M. Anastasios Janoullatos. It was reported in the upgrade of Greek kindergarten that became with aid of Albanian mobile telephony. Also before three entire months it asked from the Albanian government his upgrade lyceum of Hjmaras and concretely the upgrade of tourist profession for a better picture of Hjmaras to outside, but also the attendance of more students from the around regions in concrete lyceum.

It stressed that one still corruptible, complex and subject of interests they are investments in the city of Hjma'ras. The last one year they became efforts what fructified with enough programs - drawings where were applied in the Drymades, Himara and Kiparo. Other 6 drawings came out in auction by the National Bank of Albania.

Mr Bollano supports a coordinated collaboration with the deputies, the leadership of OMONIA and the Greek government with which goes ahead Himara and no one will forget the important questions. If a party brings objection in the Memorantoym it does not means that we will recede -said the Mayor Himara. The government must improve the rights of Greek Minority in the Himara.

With regard to the municipal elections in Albania it stressed that the Oppositionare not still for their conduct, while it has already expires the legal deadline. According to the Albanian constitution the elections they can take extension and be carried out in 60 days from last date of statement. We go down (in election) as independent, because the PMDNJ practises National economic policy and because it is third party with his own electoral body.

The KEAD does not collaborate with any big party as in central and in local level. Last month Mr Ntoules said to e Albanian Prime Minister that the elections in the Himara are sample of democratic elections. The left-wingers they ask change of electoral law. I do not want to enter in hard pre-election campaign, because also what I say informing the citizens the Himra it is pre-election campaign.

An other of more major importance subject that concerns all of us is the property. The property right is conditioned by the comprehension, agreement and no from the game in double forehead. I support that property will be supposed to pass in her real householders. It was reported in the energies that it made in the Ministry of Agriculture for problems that are presented in the agriculture, but for the energies in Committee of Cadastre for the properties of Himariotes.

It is in the hand and in the good disposal of all citizens of Himara to improved her property arrangement. It asked the creation of Elders of a village (like a Commission ) who will have under his supervision and it will impose his opinion in each decision. It said that responsible for the resolution familial problems and problems with our fellow-citizens it is not mayor. The riches of Himara and the rests of regions enjoys Albania, therefore she has obligation to think also for their citizens. We cannot fight -said Mr Bollano- when the Albanian government, fights against us, but also certain our own where. Property are not untied by the mayor, but from all us globally. This subject has solution, if we contribute joint.

The text of protest- that it sent in the Albanian Prime Minister- said that all the Himariote support the decision 1991 and no the low N.7501 according to that no one is not eligible it has in his property more from 2.000m ground, and if happens this then the state takes it behind. Can however the particular subject be regulated changing him N.7501 who is found above in the property title with N. 9235 in syndysmo' with the revised N.9533 according to what property is returned in her previous householder, gentleman, possessor and holder. The O..S.A. E in the frames for her incorporation Albania in the European Union it judged as important question to nvestigation these property and gj¢ this days that we cover, in the Himara finds itself committee for the resolution of concrete more major importance of question.

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