Monday, April 23, 2007

LSI: Declaration for Northern Epirus

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The Albanian , Press, has target today the Mayor ofHimara`s Municipality, about his declaration for
Northern Epirus Question. An interwe of Bollanosquested for the Rights fo Greek Minority in Himara, he
had declaret that: "According to European Conventionsthe Greek Minority must have all the rights in
Northern Epirus, when the albanian governament stillnow has ignored anny request of high of europian
institution does not iplmenenting anny value fo thehuman rithts about minorities conventions.

Bollanos said also that the Rigths of KosovoIndipendence to be as the rigths of Northern Epirus, a
request to Albania, makes from Ex Greek Prime MinisterKonstandinos Mitsotakis in 1993". Th interwe has been
trassmeted from Top - Channel TV, (

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