Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interurban way of "Gjipeas" is being constracted while the national segment Drimades - Vuno has stoped the construction !!!.

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Photo: PM Berisha during last tour in Himara.

Is unclear the position of PM Sali Berisha regarding the investment of national road Drimades Ag. Saranda financed by the funds of Pan Hellenic Federation of the World and the Greek Government. The segment Drimades - Vuno 8 km still stands closed since last year when the national road Vlora - Ag. Saranda to be inaugurated.

But something other is sure that the "World Bank Project" helped by the son in law of PM Berisha Jamarber Maltezi as the represent of Albania to the World Bank Coast Project, has financed the interurban way of "Gjipeas" while the national segment Drimades - Vuno has stoped the construction.

According to information, another tourist village in "Gipeas Bay" after Kakomea, Porto Palermo, Jali and Palasa, has been projected to start the construction from the Albanian National Council for Tourism. Some voices by the villagers said that Berisha`s family is linked with anonymous investors, client of "Maltezi Legal Office" in Tirana.

Sources from Albanian Press, one of most known investor client of Maltezi Legal Office" to construct Kakomea Tourist Village in collaboration with french company ClubMed is "Riviera Company".
One week ago the V/Chairman of Socialist Group Party, Erion Brace, denounced in Albanian parliament the link of Berisha`s son in law Jamarber Maltezi who has registered in Tribunal of Tirana as President of a private Company linked with objects that the World Bank Investments finances in Southern Albania.

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