Sunday, December 03, 2006


02 Dec 2006 13:25:00 (ERT)

By Athina Saloustrou

Sources: ΝΕΤ - ΑNA - BBC - Reuters

Μάριο Σκαραμέλα

Contrary to the official statements of his doctors, the British Press describes Italian Mario Scaramellas’ chances to survive zero, following his contamination with polonium-210. Based on police sources that wished to remain anonymous, The Daily Mirror writes today that Scaramela’s health will deteriorate and he will finally die. Meanwhile, in an interview with Ansa News Agency, Alexander Litvinenko’s brother Maxim, who lives in Italy, verified that his brother’s wife was slightly contaminated with polonium-210, without however being in danger. From its side, the British TV Channel Sky News reported that traces of polonium were detected on Ms Litvinenko’s clothes; however neither she nor her son carried polonium-210 in their organisms.

Meanwhile, the three British Airways aircrafts that had been grounded after traces of radioactive polonium-210 were detected on them were given the green light to take off in the coming days.

A British Health Protection Agency spokesman told the AFP that the aircrafts were examined and the traces of polonium-210 found on them were of no danger whatsoever for passengers.

A British Airways spokesman also appeared reassuring, adding that the aircrafts might resume flying this weekend.

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