Saturday, April 12, 2008

Requests from himariots to the v/Minister of Greece, Kasimi:

"Arthur Dimas" [] (in order to be able to see the video you need a window media player programm).
(in this video you can see some of events in Himara. Independent from the comments, everybody can understand the truth.

the second video youcan taste the mode of conception which is not far from 1980-

please let me provide a brief summary of main issues for those who did not understand it.....

the meeting with the Minister took place at the Greek school
Greek language was the only language used during the meeting and afterwards
the Greek National Anthem song by participants at the end of the meeting
school kids song a Greek song at the end which the Minister liked it very much

Requests from several himariots to the Minister:
Autonomy for Chimara
Greek citizenship
The right to vote in Greece

The reply from the Minister:
i understand how you feel but for now....
we are not in 40-50s now the borders are not important
now you can feel Greece here, thats what matters
at the end was song the national hymn of Greece

Greek media - one greek tv station; interviewed several people among them victims maltreated from the police
the comment from the albanuan journalist was that "greek media was much more welcomed than the albania media"
greek tv interviewed also Minister

The previous piece talks about the "revolts" (uprising) which took place in Chimara
it says there were no Alban government officials with the Minister - only Greek officials
the local government officials ston Avlona were not even aware of the visit taking place
they claim the situation is "calm" now

it should be said:
The news of recent development stin Chimara has been all over the Albanian media.
Many newspapers use the world "revolt" (uprising) to describe what took place stin Chimara and the numbers of people participating are well into the several hunderds and much more.....
Several newspapers had it in the front was a big development especially if one connects with the luck of the visit from the Minister....


Anonymous said...

Pse nuk ishte kryengritje kjo?

Anonymous said...

The best response of the last question is in the article of m. Platon Nesturi.

E. Malo