Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our priority is the neighborhood -Bakogyanni said while Albanian tribunals have just condemned 21 ethnic Greeks

«Η γειτονιά μας θα αποτελέσει προτεραιότητα»- Dora Bakoyanni said

The Albanian tribunals to condem
n ethnic Greeks

Photo: Bakogianis and Basha on 9 February in Tirane
Continues the repression against the member of the Greek minority in Albania. One week before the visit of Greek FM Dora Bakogianis in Tirane, tow tribunals, The Superior Court and the Appeal Court, have condemned 9 members of the Greek community from Himara Region.
On 3 February the Appeal Court in Gjirokaster ordered the further to punish of four residents of Nivitsas who made resistance against authority in the demonstration have made in early October to protect their lands in Kakomea.

On 4 February, the Supreme Court of Albania in Tirana condemn five sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Court of Appeal of Vlora all member of Omonia Organisation of Himara region under accuse: " attack the symbols of albania during the local elections in 2003 in Himara Municipality"

Anyway other 12 member of the Greek community in Himara Region, are under accuse from Vloras attorney for the protest made in Himara Town last year.

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