Saturday, January 15, 2011

CNN: Ilir Meta, Albanian deputy prime minister caught on tape in corruption probe.

Albania's deputy prime minister Ilir Meta was caught on tape while discussing corruption affair with former minister of economy Dritan Prifti. Was exactly him Dritan Prifti who provided the tape that contains the discuttion of leasing a power damn to the person who had offered 700,000.00 euro, for the most popular Albanian channel Top Channel. He has also stated to testify in front of a jugde when needed. It is known throughout the world that corruption in Albania is at the highest ranks of politicians, but nothing like this was ever published. Prime minister Sali Berisha nicknamed "the doctor" was also mentioned in the video by Ilir Meta saying to Dritan Prifti "this is a done deal, I've talked to the doctor too". Given this he is using all of his power to make the video void and unauthentic in the eyes of justice. Dritan Prifti has the people's support on this first step to fight corruption. He stated that he was threatened for his life and family members life if he testifies.

Top Cannel website and tv channel have been attacked right after publishing the video.

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