Kush kerkon te largoje bustin e deshmorit te Gjuhes greke Aristotel Guma?

H προτομή του εθνομάρτυρα Αριστοτέλη Γκούμα

Procedeengs of The III Panhimarjot Conference -


Llambro Ruci shvlefteson "argumentat" e Kristo Frasherit, Luan Malltezit, Shaban Sinanit etj

Le të thonë sa të duan Kristo Frasheri, Luan Malltezi, Shaban Sinani etj.se gjuha e parë në Himarë është shqipja dhe më pas greqishtja. E kjo është thënë qartësisht, por vendosmërisht, pa ekuivoke dhe duke e faktuar

Regjistrimi i popullsise-Presidenti Topi: presione nga qarqe ultranacionaliste

“Ndjeshmëria e madhe është sepse nga individë të qarqeve ultranacionaliste tentohet të bëhet një politikë presioni dhe deformacioni të një procesi që duhet të jetë nacional dhe ligjor” Presidenti la të kuptohej se ai ishte ishte edhe për deklarimin e lirë të etnisë dhe fesë

Ivanov: "ende në rajonin tonë qarqet ultranacionaliste veprojnë në dëm të vendeve të tjera".

In contrast with 52-personality peticion, in the report of Europian Commission it is said that:

There is a lack of accurate data on minorities in Albania. This situation is expected to be addressed by the conduct of a population census in 2011, respecting international standards including the principle of free self-identification. This census will include optional questions on the ethnic origin, religious affiliation and mother tongue of respondents.

Pse nuk i jepet shtetesia shqiptare fortlumturise se tij Anastasios?

Lufta midis civilizimeve ne Shqiperi e gjen shprehjen ne luften frontale te qarqeve ateiste dhe antikrishtere qe perfaqesohen deri ne kupolen e shtetit per 20 vjet rresht dhe kontrollojne totalisht mediat.
S ipas raportimeve te ShIK-ut dhe shtypit, fondametaliste musilmane kane marre shtetesi shqiptare, kurse kryepeshkopi dekorohet nga Presidenti por ende nuk i ploteson kushtet per shtetesi megjthe qendrimin permanent prej 19 vjetesh ne Shqiperi !!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Poland and Germany fall out over who was more antisemitic during WWII

A cover of a Polish magazine depicting Angela Merkel as a Nazi concentration camp inmate alongside the headline 'Falsification of History: How The Germans Made Themselves The Victims of World War II', has stoked a spat between the two countries.
The lead story, published in Poland’s best-selling weekly news magazine, the conservative Uwazam Rze, was provoked by a high-budget World War II miniseries called Our Mothers, Our Fathers filmed and broadcast last month by state-owned station ZDF.
Although the €14 million series claimed to put human drama ahead of politics, it has aroused anger in Poland for the portrayal of Polish resistance fighters as anti-Semites. In one scene a partisan says “we drown Jews like rats”, and in another, upon intercepting a convoy of prisoners destined for Auschwitz, the underground fighters let it proceed, once they discover the prisoners are Jews.
"We are angry with this film's message," Taduesz Filipkowski, spokesman for the International Home Army Association, a veterans' organization, said when the first episode was broadcast.
"We believe it to be evil slander and an attempt to justify Nazi crimes by setting them against the alleged antisemitism that existed in Poland before the war. Our government should not ignore this attack on our reputation."
The authorities duly obliged.
"The image of Poland and the Polish resistance against the German occupiers as conveyed by this series is perceived by most Poles as extremely unjust and offensive," wrote Jerzy Marganski, Poland’s ambassador to Germany.
Uwazam Rze claims that the series also tries to share the responsibility for antisemitism between all parties involved, while absolving many ordinary Germans of wartime atrocities, and equating their suffering with that of their victims. Symbolically, in the climax of the story, a German woman is executed, trying to save her Jewish lover, who survives.
So far, Germany has been diplomatic but firm, refusing to apologize for the series, by saying Our Mothers, Our Fathers is meant to start a “national conversation” on a subject that was taboo for decades.
Producer Nico Hofmann has said the depiction of Polish resistance fighters “is based on historically vetted material”, noting that rights for the widely-watched series have been purchased by multiple broadcasters around the world.
But Polish media has not let the issue die down, and the tone has only become more confrontational.
Ironically, in the past week German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also been depicted as a Nazi with a Hitler mustache during a series of anti-austerity rallies in Greece and Cyprus.

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