Saturday, January 28, 2017

A question of decency and respect," -The reaction of Zvitzerlands against soldiers with albanian origine

Several young soldiers have posed on the train with the Albanian double eagle and put a photograph of it online. Now the military police.Extending the gun into the air, seven Swiss army members pose for a picture in a train compartment with a flag on which the Albanian double eagle can be seen. Put the photo on Facebook at the beginning of April. An officer who discovered the picture is outraged. "That borders on treason," he says.He said that Swiss people with a background of migration were their roots. However, not when it comes to the army. "These men are wearing uniform, they are obviously still in the service." In that case, they would have to be 100 percent behind the army of the country they serve. And in all situations. Recruits in the service should therefore also be in one of the Landessprachen, not in their native language. "This is a question of decency and respect," the officer said.

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