Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today I received, since the News Zealand, a message with two joined photographs. During one moment, I was surprised, because I do not know anybody this very remote country. But when I saw the photographs, I very included/understood. In fact, it is a small history which I would like to tell you… I remember, it was last June. During one week I worked in the town of Pau (south-western) for the TV local of France 3. It was one Friday and the following day, I was to leave to Bordeaux. Therefore, it was my last working day in this city.

The weather was nice, the sun was shining and the temperature was pleasant. This day, I was in company of a colleague of the TV, to prepare a report on the 66θme Great Price Automobile of Pau, which was held on June 3 and 5, 2006. The city was in festival, preparing with living this event joyeusement rare and full with emotion. By traversing the central place close to the stage, one could admire tens of cars come from several countries, with their teams and pilots who carried out the last preparations. And me, with my camera Sony SX, I benefitted from it to turn of the really beautiful images. During this time, my colleague journalist had a little concern, because it sought something of special “to hang” the beginning of the report.
It is at this time, exactly while we discuss this subject, that I saw two women, going leaning pressed on canes, their shoulders heavily charged with large bags. They had stopped in front of the “Scuderia” to make photographs and curiously looked at the cars and the teams which prepared for the following day, first day of the race. I approached the ladies and nicely, I asked them from where they came. They spoke a little French and explained us that they came from New Zealand, and that for several days they had gone to carry out this famous and celebrates excursion: the “way of Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle ".

- One looked at the cars, felt this festive air and one thought of spending our midday on this place, have says they while laughing, and one appreciated much to stop here.
- Oh, it is splendid! exclaimed my colleague full with joy, I found the beginning of my report. You see? Two women of New Zealand who stop in Pau to see the cars of the Great Price. It is interesting, it is special and owl, not?...
And we thus interviewed the two ladies in thank for having agreed to answer our questions about their presence with this festival. At the end, they wanted that one makes a photograph all together, and we accepted with great pleasure. Then, they carried on their way of Christian pilgrimage which led to the city of Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle, which is in Galicia (Spain), where the relics of Saint-Jacob would be preserved, apostle of Christ. They thus carried on their way while promising to send the photographs of our meeting to us as of their return in New Zealand, at the end of September. And here is the miracle! They respected the word given, which is in same time the _expression and the example of a rare kindness and kindness, human qualities which alas, become increasingly rare in this “ modern” world of today …

Writing by Simbad Detari
V. Qesari or Sinbad Detari, from Qeparo Himara is a Telereporter of TV local of France 3

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