Thursday, November 23, 2006

Telemarathona from ERT-1: gathered is 531.000 Euro

The Telemarathone organised from ERT-1 at 19-11-2006 is organised from ETO
In picture you see the president of ETO, wich was on the ERT-1 during the telemarathona

First estimation for the foud gathered is 531.000 Euro
This amound will go to construct two medical centre :In Himara and South Rossia


From one end of the Balkans to the other, from one shore of the Black Sea to the other, hundreds of thousands of Hellenes live in poverty that threatens their families and themselves

World SAE President and the SAE Executive Board have undertaken responsibility for promoting ETO in the different regions.

The National Fund (Ethniko Tameio Omogenon) was established to raise the necessary funds for projects internationally. As a first step, SAE members and their friends are asked to become members of ETO for US $100. The second step consists of reaching 70,000 (1% of all the estimated Hellenes outside Greece) which would produce an unprecedented $7 million.

For more information on the ETO please call SAE's Thessaloniki office at +302-310-411-955; +302-310-411-886.

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