Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Think Tank on Greek University Institutions

22 Nov 2006 11:35:00

By Christos Pagonis

Greek Education Minister Marietta GiannakouThe issue of Education is due to be debated Friday in Parliament at political leaders’ level, following the conclusions of leading academics from Greek and foreign University Institutions. The academics sounded the alarm, arguing that tertiary education in Greece has come up against a host of serious problems. As many as 22 Greek academics made a dramatic appeal for the upgrading of Greece’s Higher Education. The academics, who were called on to offer their opinions on what should be done, agreed on the need for immediate and effective solutions.

The academics proposed:
• awards be established for rewarding teaching and research,
• institutions and structures fall in line with international standards,
• rectors be elected following independent procedures,
• assessment be linked with financing,
• the protection framework of the university asylum be revised,
• universities determine the number of newcomers, and
• eminent students and teachers be given incentives.

Prominent professor Dimitris Nanopoulos, as well as his colleagues, noted that unless changes take place, the Greek University Institutions will lose considerable ground.

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