Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Announcement Nr 2

Scientific Company for the Balkans Study “Herodotus

Today at the 1-04-2007, in 18, 3 September Street, 8th floor, Athens, after the initiative of some scientists was organized the foundation of the non profiteering Scientific Company for the Balkan Study “Herodotus”, with 20 members and 4 friends. The scope of company is to encourage for research and collaboration between scientists about the Balkans study. The members have one from the following qualifications:
1. To have postgraduate study and publication in the scientific magazines with prestige
2. Possess scientific title
3. Teach or have taught in the Universities-polytechnic, College The acceptation of the news member is open. We encourage participating all the scientists emigrants in Greece. The next meeting will be held at 15 April of 2007
For more details in the telephones: 6978094064, 6947036390
e-mail 1:

The Executive Committee of the Scientific Foundation “Herodotus”

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