Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hellenicare Health Care Unit in Himara

HIMARA, Albania – Hellenicare, the global humanitarian organization held its dedication ceremony June 15 at the city’s health care unit for the dedication of a new diagnostic laboratory.
Himara’s mayor, Vasil Bollano, and director of medical affairs of Hellenicare, Dr. Charles Kanakis Jr., participated in the event. The laboratory, through the
support from Hellenic Aid and private fundraising efforts, will enhance the medical services offered at the government-run health care center.
The laboratory includes an ultrasound unit, biochemical analyzers, microscopes, autoclaves and other equipment. An x-ray unit is also schedule to be delivered in the
near future.“Andrew A. Athens, president of Hellenicare, who could not be with us today, expresses his support, saying ‘we are happy to assist the people of Himare through the donation of this laboratory equipment,’ said Dr. Kanakis.
Mr. Athens, who in his visit to the region in 2005, found the clinic without any equipment for doctors to perform laboratory tests made a pledge that Hellenicare would help secure diagnostic equipment for the health center.
“Now the doctors have the tools in Hellenicare Health Care Unit Opens Diagnostic Laboratory in Albania
which to enhance the medical services they offer,” continued Dr. Kanakis
The development of laboratory services at the Himara Health Care Unit is a component of hellenicare’s health
program in Albania.In January 2007, Hellenicare was awarded a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide mobile medical unit services, training to physicians and nurses
and community public health education in the Vlore region. Hellenicare is also working with Diakonia Agapes and University Research Corporation in conducting this health outreach program.
“Together with our new laboratory, and the services provided under the USAID grant, we will have a greater impact of increasing access to medical care for people living in rural villages,” said Dr. Charles Kanakis, director of medical affairs. In November 2003, Hellenicare, with the support of Archbishop Anastasios, refurbished a medical center in Jorgucat, Albania with diagnostic equipment and an operating support system.
For more information about the reception, please contact Hellenicare’s Chicago office at 312-337-7243 or via email at

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