Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Albanian Tribunals continue to give lands and proprieties to Albanians

Albania. The Albanian Tribunals continue to give lands and proprieties to Albanians with any abusive form against Greek Ethnic Community in Northern Epirus.

People of Himara in protest blocking the National Road from Vlora to Saranda, while in Dropulli another Tribunal has know as proprietor an anonymous person. The beginging new genocide aganist greeks in albania. Photo: Himara`s beatch

Northern Epirus News, September 26, 2007

Thousand of people from Himara Region, have blocked the national road from Vlora to Saranda, raising the protest against the Albanian Government. A decision of Tribunal of Vlora has gave proprieties to an anonymous person with about 600 hectar, in the places known as “Porto Panoramo (Palermo)” an old name of Marine Naval Base of Albania, 5 km from Himara Town. According to Albanian press the demonstrations has been united in Porto Palermo, protesting against the Albanian Government, which is responsible of the dangerous situation against proprieties of Greek Ethnic Community of Himara People. The Tribunals of Albania continue to give territories of greek people who live in Northern Epirus to unknown personages.

But working without any transparence with greek minority, the Albanian Government, Tribunals, Prosecutors and Cadastres are falsifying historically proprieties document which understanding as new very dangerous tension between Greek ethnic community and Albanian State. According to information, Mafia of Kosovo, that passed the holydays in Ionian Coast Line, “where interested to bay lands and proprieties” of Greek ethnic Community in Northern Epirus from Vlora to Saranda Region.

But not only Himara People is in target of Albanian mafia to assimilisation ethnicaly process, but also the Drinopouli Region have been another target of “abusive Tribunal decisions”. Hundred of Greek Community peoples has been shocked when lands of Pogoni Village, the Tribunal of Argirokaster has taken an anonymous person from Tirana, with about half of total territory of Greek Community of Pogoni.

The Kosovo nationalists have installed in Saranda Town the politic leader of UCK Adem Demaci, who makes opened anti Hellenic rhetoric often starting in Albanian press his goals against Greek Minority and threating the Hellenic National Security. Last interview of Adem Demaci was in BBC Radio Albanian Section which called the Chamuria Issue as a priority of Albanian nationalism after Kosovo Solution.

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