Saturday, September 29, 2007

USA about the evenements in Albania (and Himara)

jimmy koutoulas

See the video-conference:


I received this today from my good friend Lambros Papantoniou. He represents the Greek media at the state dept and White House press briefings. He is constantly doing his best for the Macedonian and Northern Epirus Issues. I wanted to share this with all of you.
Mr. Lambros --                                                     
      Q     On Albania.                                                 
      MR. CASEY:  -- on Albania.  Okay.                                     
      Q     Raising tensions today in Northern Epirus, the Albanian                
 tribunals continue to give land and properties to Albanians belonging       
 to the Greek minority, and a lot of protests have taken place today in
 the Greek town of Himara.  Since the Albanian government, Mr. Casey,
 started a new -- a brutal campaign against the Greeks in Northern
 Epirus, I'm wondering if you have any comment in the framework of      
 human rights for which the U.S. government is very concerned.      
      MR. CASEY:  Mr. Lambros, I'm not familiar with the specific     
 incidents you're referring to.                                         
      What I would say is, of course, in any actions that the             
 government of Albania takes or any government takes we would expect    
 that those actions would follow the laws of that country, follow              
 established norms and procedures and certainly be in accordance with            
 the constitution.  I haven't read the Albanian constitution recently,          
 but as I recall, it does provide a general and good guarantee for       
 basic human rights.                                                     
      Q   I raised the question, since it's a matter a violation of      
 human rights, so that's why I'm asking you.                          
      MR. CASEY:  Well, again, Mr. Lambros, if your question concerns         
 decisions rendered over the distribution of property in towns in        
 Albania, our -- I don't have anything specific for you on that, but    
 what I would tell you is we would expect that any decisions made,      
 ,m,twhether by an executive body or by a court system, would follow the       
 rule of law and the established laws of the country.              
      Q     Can you check into that particular matter?                          
      MR. CASEY:  If you want, Mr. Lambros, I'm sure our friends in the  
 European Bureau could ask you about that or perhaps answer you about            
 that, or perhaps the embassy as well.  But I think I would leave it to       
 the Albanian government to describe their actions.  If there's                  
 anything, there are any concerns that are raised by that, I'm sure               
 you'll hear from our folks in appropriate time.    

Demetrios Koutoulas
General Secretary

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